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True Cellular Formulas

Thyroid Support*

60 Capsules

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True Cellular Formulas® Thyroid Support promotes healthy thyroid hormone function with our powerful thyroid complex. These researched-based thyroid support nutrients and ancient herbs will help you wake up more rested & have more energy throughout the day. These ingredients have been shown to✝:

  • Increase energy Levels - When your thyroid is healthy, you'll be more rested and more energetic throughout the day 1,✝.
  • Increase focus and Clarity - Improving thyroid function enhances concentration, enhances memory, improves mood, and eliminates brain fog.2,✝
  • Supports immunity: Ashwagandha root helps maintain a healthy immune system and endocrine system 3,✝
  • Supports a healthy metabolism, Thyroid Support contains iodine and cayenne pepper 4,5✝

Suggested Use

Adults take two (2) capsules daily, preferably with a meal

Active Ingredients

Vitamin B12, Iodine, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Manganese, Molybdenum, L-Tyrosine, Schisandra Frut, Ashwagandha Root, Bladderwrack, Cayenne Pepper, Kelp


What is True Cellular Formulas® Thyroid Support, and what does it aim to achieve?

True Cellular Formulas® Thyroid Support is a dietary supplement formulated to promote healthy thyroid hormone function. It contains a blend of researched-based thyroid support nutrients and ancient herbs designed to enhance overall well-being. This supplement aims to support various aspects of health, including increased energy levels, improved focus and clarity, immune system support, and a healthy metabolism.

How can Thyroid Support increase energy levels?

A healthy thyroid plays a crucial role in regulating energy levels. Thyroid Support is formulated with ingredients that support thyroid health, potentially leading to increased energy and a feeling of being more rested throughout the day.

Can Thyroid Support help improve focus and clarity?

Yes, Thyroid Support contains ingredients that may enhance thyroid function. An improved thyroid function can lead to better concentration, memory, mood, and reduced brain fog, thus supporting focus and mental clarity.

What is the role of Ashwagandha root in Thyroid Support?

Ashwagandha root is included in Thyroid Support to help maintain a healthy immune system and endocrine system. It is known for its adaptogenic properties, which can support overall health and well-being.

How does Thyroid Support promote a healthy metabolism?

Thyroid Support contains iodine and cayenne pepper, which are essential for supporting a healthy metabolism. Iodine is a key component in thyroid hormone production, while cayenne pepper can help increase metabolism by promoting thermogenesis.

Are there any potential side effects or interactions with Thyroid Support?

While Thyroid Support is generally considered safe for most individuals, it's essential to consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new dietary supplement, especially if you have specific health concerns or are taking medications. Individual reactions to supplements can vary, so professional guidance is recommended.

How should I incorporate Thyroid Support into my daily routine?

The recommended dosage and usage instructions for Thyroid Support can be found on the product label. It's advisable to consult with a healthcare professional for personalized guidance on incorporating this supplement into your daily regimen.

Is Thyroid Support suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

The suitability of Thyroid Support for vegetarians and vegans may vary depending on the specific product formulation. Please refer to the product label or contact the manufacturer for information about ingredients and dietary preferences.


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Other Supportive Research 

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