True Cellular Formulas Team - Feb 24, 2023

Detoxing your Home and Body from EMFs


Living in the modern world exposes us to electromagnetic radiation, for better or worse. So many benefits and conveniences that come with modern technology can profoundly affect your health, but there are various things you can do to mitigate them to get the best of both worlds. This guide will share the Good List and Naughty List regarding EMFs.

What are EMFs?

You may have heard about the dangers of EMFs, but what are they? Electric and magnetic fields are invisible areas of energy produced by electricity, which moves electrons through a wire. Electric and magnetic fields are referred to as electromagnetic fields or EMFs. The electric and magnetic forces in EMFs are caused by electromagnetic radiation.

EMFs can be naturally and unnaturally formed. For example, natural EMFs come from the sun and are a natural part of life. As such, not all EMFs are “bad,” and our human bodies have a large capacity to deal with the stress they cause. 

We must prepare to deal with the amounts of unnatural EMFs our bodies are exposed to in modern times. Artificial EMFs include power lines, electric wiring, electrical equipment, appliances, wi-fi routers (yours and all your neighbors!), cellphones, dimmers, electrical outlets, computers, and radiant heating devices (like electric blankets).

Although many people aren’t aware of the impact of these frequencies, they are a form of stress. Some people are more resilient to stress than others, but stress is stress. With no beneficial side effects to exposure, wouldn’t you rather save your stress resilience for things like exercise, sauna, or cold plunging?

The EMF Dance

Odds are you’re not interested in moving to the wilderness and living off the grid in hopes of avoiding all unnatural forms of EMFs. Modern technologies help us work, create, cook, and save time. 

The dance comes from knowing you can live in the modern world and take precautionary steps to mitigate EMFs. Certain times, like when you sleep, are especially important when promoting deep and restorative sleep. 

The naughty list highlights many things you want to avoid regarding the harms of EMFs, and the good list swaps out the bad habits for better ones. Of course, you don’t have to do them all at once, but taking baby steps to avoid unnecessary exposure over time means better sleep, more energy, and better health. 

The Naughty List

  • Electrical outlets
  • Wifi Box
  • Smart meters 
  • Living near a 5G tower 
  • Electric blankets
  • Spending too much time near large electrical devices (ovens, fridges)
  • Smart technology (smart fridges)
  • Talking on the phone with your phone on your face
  • Using Bluetooth devices (headphones)
  • Keeping electrical devices in the bedroom

The Good List

  • EMF-blocking laptop pads
  • Using the kill switch in bedrooms at night
  • Turning off the wifi at night
  • Using ethernet instead of wifi altogether
  • Earthing your bed
  • Faraday cages
  • Keeping your bed away from electrical sockets
  • EMF testing your home with a meter 
  • Hot water bottles (instead of electric blankets)
  • Using wired headphones (instead of Bluetooth headphones)
  • Earthing (barefoot on the earth)
  • Keeping all electrical devices out of the bedroom
  • Wear radiation-blocking clothing lined with silver

Try a Homeopathic

You can’t out-supplement over-exposure to EMFs, so your priority should be stepping out of the ‘naughty’ list and into the ‘good’ list as much as possible. That being said, unless you’re a forest dweller living off the grid, odds are you are still exposing yourself to unnatural amounts of EMFs and would benefit from an EMF-protecting homeopathic.

DesBio - EMF Protect and Balance is a homeopathic tincture formulated to relieve Jet Lag symptoms, general body aches, nervousness, muscle cramps, and fatigue. You can use this tincture as extra support when exposed more than normal, like when you spend time in a big city, fly, or sleep in a hotel.

Get Lambs

Lambs is an innovative clothing company that has developed WaveStopper™ technology that uses a full layer of SilverFlex™ fibers to block EMF radiation. Silver provides the conductivity necessary for WaveStopper™ to be an effective electromagnetic shield. In addition, it brings natural antimicrobial, "stink-free", heat-regulating, and hypoallegenic properties to all of Lambs' apparel. SilverFlex™ fibers are toxic-free, do not use any nano-particles, and cannot be scratched off or washed out.


EMFs are a part of modern life, but various ways exist to mitigate exposing yourself unnecessarily. 

 EMF proofing your home can be done by:

  1. Using the electrical kill switch in the bedroom at night.
  2. Turning off the wifi when you’re not using it
  3. Keeping beds away from electrical sockets.
  4. Avoid Bluetooth.
  5. Staying away from electrical upgrades like Smart Meters (and other ‘Smart’ devices.
  6. Make sure to spend time earthing daily. 
  7. Use products like DesBio EMF Protect homeopathic for times when you are exposed to extra EMFs. 
  8. Protect yourself with Lambs silver-lined clothing.
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